C Programming

C-language is a base of each and every programming languages. If you know C – coding then you can easily learn languages like Java, .Net, PHP. And Digi Data Logic helps you to do expertise in C programming language with assistance of programming experts at Digi Data Logic.

C Programming Course Duration: 45 - 50 hours

  • Programming Techniques

  • C Language Basics

  • Operators

  • Low Level Programming

  • Standard Input and Output Functions

  • Selection Control Statements

  • Iterative Statements

  • Functions

  • Pointers

  • Storage Classes

  • Pre-processor

  • 1D, 2D Arrays

  • Sorting Techniques

  • String Handling

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation

  • Structures and Union

  • Introduction to Macros

  • Files

  • Linked List
  • Fresher’s those who wish to start a great career in IT Industry

  • Experienced professionals requiring C programming in current job profile

  • Manager’s for handling the team

  • Freelancer, for doing own development
  • Work on Live projects

  • 70% theory and 30% practicals

  • Free WI-Fi

  • Get assistance in certification programs

  • Learn from industry experts.

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