DataStage Training will equip you with the proficiency needed to work with the IBM DataStage. DataStage is an ETL tool that uses a graphical notation for the integration of data. This is the flagship product of IBM in Business Intelligence domain.

Datastage Course Duration: 45 - 50 hours

  • Information Server

  • InfoSphere DataStage

  • DataStage Features

  • DataStage Job

  • Parallelism, Partitioning and Collecting

  • Job Stages of InfoSphere DataStage

  • Stage Editor

  • Sequential File

  • Dataset and Fileset

  • Sample Job Creation

  • Properties of Sequential File stage and Data Set Stage

  • Lookup File Set Stage

  • Transformer Stage

  • Transformer Stage Functions & Features

  • Looping Functionality

  • Teradata Enterprise Stage

  • Single partition and parallel execution

  • Aggregator Stage

  • Different Stages Of Processing

  • Parameters and Value File

  • Funnel Stage

  • Join Stage

  • Lookup Stage

  • Merge Stage

  • FTP Enterprise Stage

  • Sort Stage

  • Teradata Connector

  • Connector Stages

  • ABAP Extract Stage

  • Development / Debug Stages

  • Job Activity Stage

  • Data Stage Project
  • Fresher’s those who wish to start a great career in Data Warehousing

  • Experienced professionals not satisfied with current job profile

  • Business Analyst for the Technical touch

  • Freelancer, for doing own development
  • Work on Live projects

  • 20% theory and 80% practicals

  • Free WI-Fi

  • Live Industry Oriented Scenarios

  • Learn from industry experts.

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