Microsoft Excel is one of the technology which every one need to know, since it is required and used in most of the organizations for most common things. It is required for students, required by MBA candidates, is it required by Business Analyst, and more over it is also required for basic Data Analytics. Using Excel you can do various type of data analysis and reports creation activities. Microsoft excel have features of basic usage to the Macros, Pivots and upto report and dashboards which is generally called VBA.

Excel/VBA Course Duration: 45 - 50 hours

  • Basic/Advanced Excel

  • Basic Excel and Orientation & efficiency – Excel foundation, Basic interface, Editing, Viewing, Spreadsheet Structure, Basic Macros and live practicals

  • Administration – Customizing Excel, Connecting Workbooks, Protecting and Sharing, Documentation, Excel Troubleshooting and live practicals

  • Data Handling – Sorting and Filtering, Controlling User Input, Working with Dates & Times, Working with Text, Lookup and Reference, Logical Functions and live practicals

  • Working with Numbers, Summarizing Data, PivotTables – Simple Summaries, Manipulating Data, Interpreting Data and live practicals

  • Macros – Understanding Macros, Creating new Macros, Formula Auditing and live practicals

  • Advanced Macros and live practicals

  • VBA

  • What Is VBA, Introduction to VBA Window, Introducing the Excel Object Model

  • Looping in VBA, VBA Sub and Function Procedures, Executing Sub procedures, working on Functions, Changing Excel Settings and live practicals

  • Code Using Variables, Constants, and Data Types, Understanding variables, Working with Forms/Module/Active-X

  • Working on advanced Macro Recording, Macro Integration, Pivot Charts and Tables

  • Real time scenarios and more case studies.
  • Fresher’s those who wish to start a great career in IT Industry

  • Experienced professionals which require Excel in their daily work

  • Business Analyst for the Technical touch

  • Freelancer, for doing own development
  • Work on Live projects

  • 50% theory and 50% practicals

  • Free WI-Fi

  • Get assistance in certification programs

  • Learn from industry experts.

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