Informatica ETL tool is market leader in data integration and data quality services. Informatica is successful ETL and EAI tool with significant industry coverage. ETL refers to extract, transform, load. Data integration tools are different from other software platforms and languages. Informatica etl tool “power center” has capability to manage, integrate and migrate enterprise data.

Informatica Course Duration: 45 - 50 hours

Data warehouse and ETL Concepts

  • Operational System (OLTP)

  • Datawarehouse DSS (OLAP)

  • Operational system vs DW

  • Characteristics of the Dataware House

  • Data marts

  • Types of Data marts : Dependant, Independent, Hybrid

  • Operational Data Store (ODS)

  • ODS vs DW

  • DW approach : Top down/Bottom up and its merits/demerits

Data Modeling Techniques

  • ER modeling : Logical and Physical design

  • Dimensional modeling : Star, Snowflake, Fact Constellation schemas

  • What is dimension ?

  • Types of dimension : Conformed, Degenerate, Demographic, Junk, Casual, SCD

The ETL Process

  • Extraction : Full, Incremental

  • Transformation

  • Loading : Insert, Update

  • What is Metadata ?

  • Dormant data

Informatica – Leading ETL Tool

  • Basic & Advance Concepts

  • PowerCenter Architecture

  • PowerCenter Components

  • PowerCenter Repository, PowerCenter Domain

  • Repository Service, Integration Service, Administration Console

  • PowerCenter Client – Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor

Informatica PowerCenter

  • Informatica PowerCenter Server

  • Informatica PowerCenter Client

  • Designer

  • Creating Source definitions, Creating Source Tables,

  • Creating Target Definitions,Creating Target Tables, Creating and connecting various Transformations,

  • Creating a Pass-Through Mapping,Creating a Mapping

  • Workflow Manager

  • Creating Task : Sessions, Command, Email, Creating Workflows,

  • Configuring Database Connections in the Workflow Manager,

  • Creating a Reusable task components

  • Workflow Monitor

  • Running and Monitoring Workflows, Checking the statistics of workflow

  • and contents of data load, Reading of session/workflow logs

  • Repository Manager

  • Creating Repository Users and Groups, Connecting to the Repository,

  • Creating a Group,Assigning Privileges to a Group, Creating a User,

  • Creating a Folder/Shared Folder, Folder Permissions

Performance tuning in ETL

  • Pushdown optimization

  • Sorter before aggregator transformation

  • Lookup over joiner transformation

  • Best usage of SQ transformation

  • Partitioning

  • Incremental aggregation

Hands-on practice

  • Creating mappings using flat-files, relational db(oracle) as source and targets

  • Implementing SCD I, II, III

  • Incremental aggregation

  • Usage of Target load plan feature
  • Fresher’s those who wish to start a great career in Informatica

  • Experienced professionals not satisfied with current job profile

  • Business Analyst for the Technical touch

  • Freelancer, for doing own development
  • Work on Live projects

  • 20% theory and 80% practicals

  • Free WI-Fi

  • Live Industry Oriented Scenarios

  • Interview Questions, Scenario assignment

  • Learn from industry experts.

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